…people respond to food pictures on face book more than almost any other thing? This morning, in an effort to prep for a small dinner I am hosting tomorrow night after work, I baked a pecan pie. Morning is not my best time, and I put two tablespoons of butter in the microwave to melt it, and about 40 minutes later, when I opened the door to reheat my mug of tea, there the butter was, sitting there in its little ramekin, about three feet north of the actual pie, which was nearing completion in the oven.

Hmmm. I just poured it on top of the pie, shut the oven door, and took a picture of the beautiful browning top of the pie. Posted it on the book of face.

Almost instantly, people responded.

This week, my son the fisherman (I know, sounds like some kind of lead-in to a bad bar joke) posted on the book of face about his very quirky living situation. Complete with photos of the disgusting kitchen conditions. Instant response from people.

Why is that? Must be that by showing people what you are cooking, or what your cooking space looks like, you are revealing an intimacy about your private life that without the photos your friends might have no experience of.  Well that’s just depressing! Wouldn’t it be so much better if I invited over all my friends for tea and baking before work?

We are so tied up with our devices. I got into the elevator tonight at my building with a guy and his bike, and one of my other neighbors from my floor. I had seen this fellow over the weekend heading out for his virgin bike ride in downtown LA and I had urged him to be safe.

Tonight, I asked him how his ride had gone the other day. (He had no helmet with him today, so he must no longer be scared of getting hit.) He said it had gone fine, but he had fallen while walking down some stairs while texting and had banged his head.

I fell last week while crossing the street. I was holding my phone in my left hand and it smashed down onto the pavement when I fell. To this moment, I couldn’t swear that I wasn’t looking at it when I tumbled, but I am positive I wasn’t texting. Pretty sure, anyway.

When I told the other neighbor in the elevator about my fall, she said she had almost bumped into a person walking because she was texting and not paying attention.

Wake up, people!!! Somebody’s going to get hurt. Let’s all just sit at home and send pictures of our food to each other. Sounds safer than actually being out in the world sharing a meal or god forbid, walking across the street….

Would love to hear what you are thinking!

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