My friend Susan came to town last Friday and spent about 4 days with us. A testament to her power is the list of things we got done while she was here:

1) Two hikes at Lake Hollywood Reservoir

2) Four baseball games watched on TV – we laughed, we cried

3) Talked with our good college friend Bob and his family via Skype, confirming that my camera in my computer isn’t working and its been way too long since we saw them.

4) Took the computer in to be repaired.


5) Repaired the broken vertical blinds in my guest bedroom which had been broken for months.

6) Talked about important life issues while looking at the butterflies in the butterfly pavilion at the Natural History Museum

7) Made a steak dinner.

8) Made a pesto pasta dinner.

9) Went out to Faith and Flower and had a delicious dinner.

10) Went to the gym.

11) Researched and purchased the camera we will take with us on our cruise and got it in time to take some pictures of Susan with it.

Isn’t it nice to have such good friends who can empower you to do great things?

Would love to hear what you are thinking!

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