Did anyone else find the juxtaposition of the two top news stories today weird?

Philae the Robot
This picture from Rosetta’s Osiris instrument shows the Philae lander on its way to the comet

A scientific satellite that was launched ten years ago over 300 million miles into space, with the seemingly  absurd intention of landing it on a 2.5 mile wide comet hurtling through space at over 34,000 miles per hour successfully touched down on the comet’s icy surface without sustaining damage.

BBC Story on The Rosetta Mission


NY Window Washers (NY Times)
Photo by Fred R. Conrad, New York Times

A pair of window washers in New York City, tasked with cleaning a brand new state of the art building with a brand new scaffolding rig ended up cattywampus on the side of the new 1 World Trade Center building, dangling perilously 69 stories above Manhattan’s streets. Coverage was provided by some guy in a hotel on his cell phone who started tweeting about them and ended up talking on the air on CNN for a good 5-10 minutes.

New York Times story about the 1 World Trade Center Window washers

It was a surreal day in the news.

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