I know it is summer because when I get dressed in the morning, I reach for  the linen pants and the striped shirts, accessorizing with turquoise and glass beads. My sandals are getting worn out from over use, and I’ve stumbled into a regular routine of mani/pedis at Nails on Ninth, the downtown nail salon at Ninth and Broadway. It is still light out when I get home, and I am greeted by the sounds of baseball on the TV when I open the door to the apartment. Tonight I was able to fill the feeders for the hummingbirds before Jimmie and I sat down to dinner. Hey, just the fact that I’m home for dinner 5 nights a week is really the news.

But I guess it won’t really feel like summer until that morning when after going to spin, I come home and put on my bathing suit and head down to the pool to kick back. Right now, the mornings are a flurry of manic energy.  45 minutes of spinning like a fiend, followed by 30 minutes quick into the shower, breakfast and then bolting out the door with my lunch in my hand and Jimmie’s in the fridge waiting for him.

There seems to be so much to get done in these weeks to prepare for the fall semester. A dozen plays to read, rehearsal room schedules and production meeting schedules to devise, assignments to make. And it feels good to have some time to do some big picture thinking, instead of merely knocking out tasks.

We have some summer fun coming soon – friends visiting, and a week-long cruise to Alaska with my Dad and his wife, my brother Larry and his wife, too and my dear husband. We are extremely excited about that.

Alaska Cruisedest_alaska_faqs10


So, for now, I will just try to put my nose to the proverbial grindstone, and knock out the work so that in the next few weeks, I can play and enjoy what this summer will become.  You can be sure that I will take you along on our Alaska adventure!


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