The week has ended. The first week of school. I know it was a success because even the final event of the week, cookies and ice cream and a lecture on Emergency Preparedness went well.

That is, until I accepted the kind offer from my colleague Tina for a ride home. I stepped out of the car, turned to wave to her as she drove off, then  rifled through my purse for my house keys only to extract them attached to  my car key – meaning I had just left my car back in the parking structure at USC.

So I went upstairs to view the newly painted kitchen (Emergency Kitchen Remodel! | lifeinthethe8tre), then I pulled out my cell phone, ordered an uber car and went back to school to get my car.


The first week of school was actually amazing – we kicked off the events last week with:

1) The New Student BBQ on Thursday,

2) The Faculty Staff Lunch on Friday

3)  The BFA and BA Production Student meeting on Monday

4) The All School Pizza Party on Tuesday

5) And finally, today, the Emergency Preparedness meeting with cookies and ice cream.

Credit for 3 out of 5 of these events (1,2, and 4) goes to our extremely talented Events Manager, Marissa. I can only take credit for 2.

I am now spherical, but that’s okay, because, as I told a new student, next week the free food just ends like that. Dries up. There will be no free food, just classes and the beginnings of rehearsals for 5 shows. So it’s a little like the squirrels that stockpile the nuts for winter. We meet and greet and eat and greet and meet and then we dash about for the next 14 weeks like crazy people producing 8 shows.

So, isn’t it a good thing that my kitchen was completed today? The walls a pale blue by Behr called “Airy,” the cabinets a warm white “Swiss Coffee.” New hinges on the cabinets and the loveliest little black felt pads on the tops and bottoms of the doors that make a quiet little “whomp” sound when you close the cabinets. Now I can cook like there’s no food tomorrow at school. Which there won’t be.


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  1. Hey Els, sweet vibes…sorry about keys at school!! groan for sure! 8 shows Oh my gosh!! who chooses the shows???? xoxorenie

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