This was a picture taken the first day of class this spring at our BFA Production Student Meeting. (Apologies for the tiny size of the participants. ) And like a flash, thirteen shows later, we will, after final exams and commencement, bid sixteen production students adieu. Today was the last day of classes and poof, like that, we will lose another class of seniors. This is a big class – there will be 160 at Commencement, but that’s all of the programs.  In our little behind the scenes neck of the woods, we are losing 10 BFA designers, 1 BA designer,  1 BFA SM, 1 BA SM, 3 TDs.  It is tough to let them go; but go they must. Several already have jobs or internships, or plans to attend graduate school in their future.

IMG_0306Before IMG_1912After

But this is what I know. They need to go and they will make us proud. IMG_2660 My little secret is that they come back!  They come back to play and to see and make  new plays with us. IMG_1267 IMG_1899


And to bowl at our annual Jingle Bowl.  And to visit us on Football Techs – no, that’s not where we tech the football game, but where we miss the football game and sit in a dark theatre for 10 hours. But sometimes, on the occasional Saturday, something so breathtaking and  magical happens that it makes you remember why you do this thing called teaching. IMG_1796   It’s because of these guys. IMG_1798 IMG_2653IMG_1802 It is just obscenely gratifying when you get to see them all fully formed and functional and making their way as artists in the world. IMG_2121

So this is my little love letter to all the former students, current students and soon to be former current students whom I will miss with the deepest pang in my heart after a few weeks when their lives “commence.” Don’t you dare not include us in the next phase of your lives. We want to know how your story continues. What are the high points? What are the low points?  Show us your scenic triumphs!  Invite us to your shows. IMG_2118

Just please, please, please keep coming back!


IMG_1905    IMG_1110

Would love to hear what you are thinking!

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