This morning as I relished a delicious half bagel with a shmear of creme cheese, laden with glorious Anacortes, Washington smoked salmon sprinkled with capers, I’ve already been the elf on the shelf in Tahoe, watching the Christmas morning festivities of my granddaughters, their squeals of delight unfolding as they ripped into their packages. My virtual window from my daughter in law’s cell phone was placed in two different spots – one from the kitchen counter facing the tree, the other on the mantel facing the living room strewn with exuberantly unwrapped toys. From there, one of my many favorite moments was the spontaneous hug of my youngest granddaughter running to her mom to express her joy. I watched as the eldest stood in front of her new Barbie three story mansion – taller than she is. With an elevator. Pink of course. As she stripped Barbie of her festive red 1950s-style dress and shoved her naked into the garage, I refrained from comment and just laughed. Meanwhile, B jumped on her rideable Emergency responder vehicle, waving up at me, grin plastered on her face, lights on the handlebars flashing. I waved enthusiastically back.

Next, still pajamaed, I jetted off to Washington, DC, where a more demure Christmas was unfolding with two new books and the scar on my Dad’s eyebrow revealing his bionic healing superpowers. Meanwhile, back in LA, on my TV, the KTLA Yule log burned brightly, while my Christmas morning was underscored by the holiday piano stylings of John McDaniel.

Texts with appreciative comments from Sebastapol. Chats with both my brothers, now here in California with me if not physically, today, in spirit. Reports of the standing rib roast, mashed potatoes and Mom’s cheese ball buoyed me in spite of the modest young chicken in my fridge which awaits roasting in the clay pot so well seasoned by my stepmother.

So many questions – is this the only reindeer actor?

I’ve Whatsapped with my dear friends Bob and Susan, getting Christmas movie ideas from South Africa for later and a video of the Bottle Boys. This wasn’t the right one, but it’ll do. Today’s the classic PJs and schmaltzy Christmas movies menu. Christmas in the Highlands was on top on my list, though Susan has now told me the ending… well as shared the picture of the reindeer stealing the female protagonist’s handbag.

A morning email from friend John and his wife and son buoyed me well beyond the seven and a half minutes of his grinning piano accompaniment to Christmas carols we normally would have sung together last night at their home with dear friends. How fortunate I am to have him in my holiday sphere.

This Nana Elf on a Shelf is content today. Fortunate in my splendor of love and support from friends and family. Happy to while away the time today watching ridiculous movies and basking in the glow of the holiday season. Christmas since 2018 has been tough to manage, with the annual gift of grief, but this year feels festive and filed with promise.

I think the anticipation of the vaccine becoming available soon and the prospect of the freedoms that will bring also buoys me today. The early spring clearing out of the White House also brings a frisson of excitement which is hard to ignore.

Just opened my presents and am now cuddled under my weighted blanket, sipping Zabar’s coffee in my new Spode Christmas traveling mug, with a colorful Venice puzzle, cookbook and gorgeous shawl, chocolates and tower of treats from dear friends. Life is rich. Here’s the list of best Christmas movies from my friend Ando, in New Orleans. Oh, yes, Nana elf on a shelf went there this morning, too!

  • Boyfriend for Christmas
  • Snow Bride
  • Single Santa Seeking Mrs. Claus
  • Christmas in the Highlands
  • A Christmas Kiss
  • A Merry MixUp
  • The Christmas Ornament
  • Mrs. Miracle
  • USS Christmas

Merry Christmas to you wherever you are and whatever Christmas movies you’re watching! Raising a glass to 2021 to amazing friends and family.

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  1. Merry Christmas, Els – so glad you virtualed with family, and were the recipient of some wonderful gifts! (We have Christmas coffee mugs, too, although David could care less. πŸ€—) πŸŽ„πŸŽβ£

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